Dress Y2K Collection

I would like to say welcome to the Predatron Designs website and the very first post of the new blog.

My name is Steve Pinchbeck and this website is to showcase what is a new venture for me in creating surface pattern designs. I have plenty of experience of over 20 years as a graphic designer and 3D content creator. Some of that work naturally had me creating designs and tileable textures for use on 3D models so it seemed the perfect gateway in adapting those skill to create primarily for fabric.

The main outlet for me at the moment is generating designs to be sold at www.spoonflower.com which can be used on various fabrics and also wallpaper. At the time of writing I have over 200 designs already in my shop there with many more being developed.

For anyone that is interested in my other line of work as 3D content creator then check out my other website at www.predatron.com.

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